Jaguars are a symbol of the enigmatic power of the Amazon and Jaguar Evolution is an art exhibition in the name of respecting the jaguars that are left in the Americas. We humans are their biggest threat. They are the guardians of the ecosystem and ❤️ swimming. Until recently one single jaguar’s habitat range was 100 km2, today you can find 9 jaguars living in the same area. So, as jaguars are coming together to fight for their survival, we are also coming together to find fairer systems of power and resource re-distribution, decentralization is a key feature to to human evolution, however we need to address the overwhelming energy consumption of this developing new system.

Each jaguar was hand made in VR, featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum and Doge in a Dapper Dan Style.

The tools we used were Tiltbrush, Unity and After Effects.

In 2019 while the Amazon was burning in Bolivia, we took to the streets and protested until the fires stopped, leading a movement against the burning of one of the most untouched places on earth; the lungs of the world and home of the jaguars, the largest cats of the Americas.



While the Amazon was and continues to be set on fire in the name of ‘progress’, this widespread deforestation, is happening to enable the production of beef for export.

Leading up to the fires, poaching of the jaguars had increased due to a booming international market for their skin and teeth. As the demand continues to grow, Bolivian scientists are asking the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) to raise the global protection status of the jaguar from Near Threatened to Vulnerable as soon as possible.