Violeta Ayala

Violeta Ayala is a leading Filmmaker, Artist Writer and Technologist. She is the First Quechua Member of the Oscars®. Violeta's credits include the VR interactive animation Prison X (2021) and the award-winning documentaries Cocaine Prison (2017), The Fight (2017), The Bolivian Case (2015) and Stolen (2009). Her films have premiered at A-List film festivals including Sundance, Toronto and Cannes, distributed in cinemas, broadcast on PBS, Channel 8, Señal Colombia, Ibermedia, World Channel and online platforms such as Amazon Prime and The Guardian. She’s won over 50 awards including a Walkley (Australia’s Pulitzer) and nominations for the IDA (Los Angeles), Rory Peck (London), Platino (Panama) and Fenix (Mexico).

Violeta uses film, AI, VR, AR, XR as tools to question the status quo.

She is one of the founders of,

Jaguar Revolution and


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