Rilda Paco

Rilda Paco Alvarado is a renowned Quechua/Aymara artist, 3D illustrator and visual communicator. Rilda hand illustrated the characters of Prison X (Sundance 2021) in 3D using Tilt Brush.

Her father was miner who died of pneumonia when Rilda was a little girl. In 2010 she studied Plastic Arts at the “Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes Hernando Siles” in La Paz. She then acquired the pseudonym of “Imilla Cunumi Birlocha” reclaiming the true meaning of those words that currently are used as insults towards indigenous women.

In 2018, she was declared an "unwelcome person" in Oruro, the city where she was born. Rilda was threatened with death for a digital artwork she made entitled "The Censored Virgin" that highlighted the issue of femicide and violence against women during Carnival, and caused a national scandal in Bolivia and internationally with outlets such as CNN and VICE covering the news.

Rilda lives with her cats in El Alto, La Paz. She is one of the founders of