Maria Corvera

Maria Corvera Vargas is a Bolivian born designer who moved to Germany with her family in the early 90s. She studied fashion design at HTW Berlin whilst working in a collaborative studio creating her own one of a kind designs.

In 2013, Maria founded her independent label "C\V - Corvera Vargas" in Berlin producing her collections with high-quality leftover fabrics from iconic brands or Fair Trade wool from Bolivia, becoming a pioneer on ethical fashion. While traveling the world searching for ethical production partners Maria discovered there were many opportunities to produce her contemporary designs with skilled artisans, whilst maintaining respect for the craftsmanship passed down through generations. Along the way she was also confronted with how many people working in garment production were taken advantage of and the excessive waste coming from the fashion industry. This inspired her to find solutions for creating her designs with fair working standards, utilizing left over fabric to reduce waste

In 2019 Maria started to design in 3D, she is the character designer of Prison X.

Maria lives in Berlin with her dog Oskar.