Koa.xyz is a web 3.0 collective that began in 2021, led by indigenous creators wanting to explore the web in the third dimension and build the Neo Andean metaverse.


Through virtual environments, oral stories, avatars that represent our culture, artificial intelligences that recognize indigenous ways of being, and combining traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology, we have found a new way to address the ongoing issues of colonization of indigenous peoples. We call it "re-writing colonialist narratives with our experiences."

The philosophy and mythology of our evolving pop cultures, Quechua and Aymara are reflected in the stories we create, the characters we develop, fashion, sound, music and aesthetics of all our artistic expressions.

Our fashion doesn’t live in a museum, but is worn out on the streets of Bolivia. Our creativity inhabits the different realities of each of us.

Our creations reflect the personal, cultural and political of our existence.

As interdisciplinary XR creators, technologists and artisans that belong to the oldest people of the Abya Yala (called Americas since colonization). We believe in the philosophy of the YANANTIN, the complementing opposites.