Mast’aku is our most important celebration, a celebration that our ancestors had prepared since ancient times to remember their deceased and establish reciprocal relationships. Coincides with Western celebrations such as All Saints and Halloween.

Every year on the 1st of November, we prepare a ceremonial table with food, candles, flowers, tanta wawas, coca 🍃, cigarettes, drinks to share with our ancestors that come to join us for 24 hours.

This year, we decided to share a Mast’aku 3D for the metaverse. (Violeta, Suri and Dan made for their ancestors)

Press ▶️ to experience a Mast’aku table in 3D, AR and VR.

In our cultures we value deep respect for life and death.

If you understand time as a circle rather than a line. It’s in this sense that we understand that death is like a trip into another dimension of life. The dead live on permanent care and relationship with our families, as well as the community.

1) Pedro Paco (Rilda’s Father)

2) Fanny Grageda

Herminia Soto

Vitaco Grageda.

(Violeta’s Mother & Grandparents)

3) Maria’s Grandmother

T’anta Wawas by Ruth Grageda y Lorena Vasquez

Tanta wawas are a sculpted sweet bread that we give as an offering to our deceased.

The sun will keep our ancestors warm on their journey.

The moon will lighten their path when they go back to the Ukhu Pacha.

The Lama will help our ancestors carry the offerings.

The next day after The Mast’aku, we accompany our ancestors back to their graveyard. (Photo by Rilda Paco in El Cementerio de El Alto)

La s ñatitas

Click on the photo 2 👀 in Augmented Reality (iOS)

On the 8th of November, the forgotten dead are remembered, those who have not had help at the time of death, those who lost their lives violently, because their ‘ajayus’ (souls) were scared and are wandering in the Kay Pacha.

The celebration consists of venerating human skulls by offering music, candles, flowers, sweets, alcohol and cigarettes. Tradition says the skulls protect the community from bad spirits.

Photos by:

1 & 3) Sara Wayra  

2) Rilda Paco

La chola de rojo. Acuarela by Rilda Paco.

Dance with Super Skull in Augmented Reality! I bet you can’t copy his moves.

3d Model by Suri Blue.

Solo se mueren a los que los olvidamos.