Brief stories/ ideas/ experiments behind the Ethos of 🎤


Over the past 3 years we’ve focused on developing and experimenting at the intersection of art, film and 3D creation as a tool of deconstruction of image and understanding the role of social media in the creation of belonging and culture.

Waratah visits to the shops.

MetaPublic begins in the streets with the tangible, the graffiti, the buildings, the native flowers, the birds that create the sound of Sydney, the garbage bins, the cement, the clothes and the pop culture in general that gives soul to our city. Art isn’t just something created by an artist, art is a collective co-creation that develops overtime and becomes culture. Creativity isn’t just reserved to personal creation, creativity is the extent of what other people build upon what comes before.

Piano in the Park

Horace and Phila

We’re living a technological revolution, with giant tech corporations fighting for our attention, limiting our choices by bombarding us with targeted marketing. This is what’s happening now, when data collection is limited to 2D content and posting as text, but what will happen when the same corporations assume control of society not only based on the content that we share but on the tactile, haptic and behavioral data they collect.

The Tree

We can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that Artificial Intelligence, social and emotional 🤖 will have a significant role in shaping our societies. The standardisation of images and experiences will play a significant role in the counter creation of culture in our societies, sterilizing our neighborhoods, cities and experiences. We need community and collective creation more than ever.

Pink Ice


Metapublic, will be a curated digital environment where human experience and interactions traverse events such as concerts, plays, art exhibitions, fashion shows, market stalls, comedy shows and everything else that comes from the ongoing techno-art renaissance.

Animating yourself

Interactive 3D model of Pink Ice

The future is sustainable, builds over what we created before, merges tangible and digital. Respects nature and animals the same way as humans, it moves away from the anthropocene. MetaPublic is the home for the MetaPeople.

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