As interdisciplinary XR artists, creators and artisans that belong to the oldest people of the Abya Yala (called the Americas by the colonizers), we believe in the philosophy of the YANANTIN, complementary opposites...
our differences compliment us, one on their own can’t hold everything in their hand, can’t take care of everything.
We need each other; there is no other way.
When there is another, it represents extra strength for both.
We understand the world as o l / TIME o SPACE l VIRTUAL /
TIME is cyclical, a constant succession of chaotic moments followed by the cosmos that puts everything in order.
SPACE is vertical, divided in three planes: The Hanan Pacha (the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and constellations)
The Kay Pacha (the perceptible world where people, gods, animals, and plants all inhabit) and the Ukhu Pacha (The inner world, the association with the dead as well as with new life).
VIRTUAL Is a parallel space between TIME & SPACE, the essence of both planes, is the present that we build, the future that we dream of guided by our ancestral past.
/ has a strong energetic power that influences our philosophy. Our cultures are alive and evolving.