KOA is an open door for Andean futurism.
A collaboration between Filmmaker/ Artist/ Writer Violeta Ayala, Sound Engineer/ 3D Illustrator/ Technologist Roly Elias, Fashion Designer Maria Corvera, 3D Illustrator/ Visual Artist Rilda Paco and Producer/ Visual Artist Dan Fallshaw.
Using VR, AR, XR and AI to create the Neo-Andean Metaverse.
The philosophy and mythology of our evolving pop cultures, Quechua and Aymara are reflected in the stories we tell, the characters we create, fashion, sound, music and aesthetic of all our artistic expressions.
We came together to make Prison X...
Creating our own Metaverse in VR, the first episode premiered at Sundance 2021.
In Prison X, we’ve successfully combined interactivity, immersion and story to work together, creating a new visual language for the emerging film futurism.
Our culture doesn’t live in a museum, it thrives on the streets of our cities in Bolivia, and inhabits each of us, as immigrants in other lands.
In collaborating between Sydney and Berlin we’re connected to our communities in Bolivia, keeping us together in these chaotic times, for the first time we can’t just travel home.
Our creations reflect the personal, cultural and political of our existence.
We work with artists, technologists and producers that respect our authenticity and independence.
Rilda Paco, is a renowned Bolivian 3D artist. Rilda is poignant in using her art as a tool to highlight relevant political and social problems. She lives with her 🐈 🐈‍⬛ in Alto, La Paz. 🗻🪧🐲
Roly Elias is a leading audio engineer and technologist from Bolivia. He specializes in the creative aspects of live music and immersive experiences. ‘It’s not about hearing it but feeling it through your ears’ 🎧🌶🎧
Maria Corvera is a Bolivian fashion designer, she founded her independent label C\V studio in Berlin, becoming a pioneer on ethical fashion. Maria is creating a Neo Andean futuristic aesthetic. She has a ❤️ & hate relationship with 🐩 Oskar.
Daniel Fallshaw is a Walkley Award-winning filmmaker, who makes films to shift the balance of power. Daniel co-founded United Notions Film in 2006. He has an honours degree in Visual Communications from UTS and Saint Martin’s College in London. Dan loves building in Cryptovoxels 👾🎮💻 and swimming in the open 🌊.
Ko’a is the act of giving back to pachamama (Mother Earth.)